We can deepen our relationship with the Creator as we enjoy life outdoors.

Outdoor Devotion

Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness to pray (Luke 5:16).  After life in the fast lane as we experience it on most days, it's good to take time to renew our spirits with a walk outdoors. Promise yourself to take in the splendor of a sunrise or sunset several times a week. Walk in the park without your music for a moment and listen to the wind in the trees or grass and hear the birds. Sit next to a lake or river or the sea and watch the water sparkle. Put on your raincoats and walk with the kids in a gentle rain, sailing a twig boat down a temporary stream. Pick a new green leaf from a tree and study the intricate design. Check out the night sky.

Jesus renewed his focus and energy in this way, and as we develop this site, we'll explore ways we can deepen our own walk and devotion to the creator through getting out there...and walkin' with Him. On the contact page, share where you like to go to enjoy God's creation.